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Many times when in the field or during competitions you need to transition between no magnification for speed in close-range combat and magnification for precision shooting as situation dictates. The Athlon magnifiers mount behind a traditional red-dot sight to provide magnification when needed. Featuring:  Fullymulti Coated Lenses, Adjustable Illumination Settings, Aircraft Aluminum, One Piece Chassis Construction, Nitrogen Purged, Picatinny Rail Mount.


Select a model               Objective Lense Diameter             Field of View at 100yds               Eye Relief               Magnification            Length                Weight

Midas MG31        27.5 mm                        38.2 ft                           2.8"                3x                    4.2"             9.5 oz

Midas MG51        30 mm                           24.7 ft                           2.6"                5x                    4.8"           12.6 oz

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